Designer Plastering Around Your Ceiling Fixtures

Applying ceiling plaster to ones ceiling is not a hard task. However, making sure that your pattern is flush with ceiling appliances like fans and vents can sometimes be a task. Any package of ceiling plaster will have some pretty detailed instructions on how to apply it correctly. What they do not offer instructions on is how to apply your pattern around ceiling fans and vents. Well, this is pretty easy. Do your best to simply discontinue your patter just short of the items.

When dealing with these types of items, you will want to tape them off just to visit:- ensure that no spackling or plaster gets stuck on them. If you are not the handyman and are not really interested in having to work around your fixtures, then you may be more interested in tin ceiling tiles. They’re much easier to install and offer countless design options. However, ceiling plastering can look great it just takes a little bit more time, energy, and skill to apply.

While attempting to work around your fixtures, be conscious of how long each of your pattern strokes are. This will give you a decent estimate of when you stop your pattern, move onto the other side and begin once again. You not be worried about each brush stroke being the same length and exact shape because none of them will be.

Simply put, the best way to work around your ceiling fixtures and other appliances is to first tape them off. This will take a few minutes to do but it will be worth doing in the long run. If you choose not to do this you may find yourself scraping off a bunch of plaster that you didn’t think would reach your appliances. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially when dealing with home improvement.

The best type for this type of application will be painter’s tape. The wider the tape, the better. The wider it is the less chance of any stray plaster squeezing in where it is not suppose to be. If doing preparation type work is not attractive to you or you don’t have the money or means then a tin ceiling tile project is best for you. There is very little if any preparation and installation is quick and easy. Overall though if you are stuck on having a plaster ceiling it is obtainable, it will take a little more work though.

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