How To Turn Your Movie Poster Into A Work Of Art

Movies, music, festivals, events. This city is full of them. Los Angeles and its surrounding is immersed in the industries; it is almost impossible to get away from it on our daily lives and it is one of the main reasons it attracts so many people from all walks of life. L.A. is a massive melting pot for artists and fans of all kinds and we are offered the incredible possibility to access its history at any corner. And what best way than commemorate these events than with a poster? Production companies print thousands of them to promote the newest movies; concert venues cannot stop selling tour posters fast enough. And we cannot help but buy them. In fact, L.A. is covered with shops that sell vintage and first printings movie posters. So do your posters right and frame them right.

Consider this, in a town where the movie and music industry is so big, would it make anything but sense for us not to display them? No. We display them to make a statement about ourselves, the same way we buy a t-shirt of our favorite musician. So, go to your local custom framing store and ask about poster frames.

First determine the value of your poster. Vintage movie posters are highly valuable in the market (go through mom or grandma’s attic and check out who they liked when they were young!) and as such their conservation is something to keep in mind. If you think you may have a valuable item (look for yellowed paper and obscure movie titles), I would first go to a specialized store in Hollywood and find out its actual value. Once you’ve ascertained that this is in fact a vintage movie poster, think of what kind of frame you want for it.

Generally poster frames are kept to a Acrylic Poster Stand minimum to highlight the image. Consider the use of an acid-free mat around it for its conservation qualities. While mats are not common for posters, they help preserve your poster better by separating it from the glass and avoiding the possibility of water damage that may occur when the piece touches the glass. As well, mats are highly decorative and will highlight an aspect of the poster if you chose to use them. The nest aspect you need to consider on your poster frame is the glass quality. Again, if your poster is a contemporary, part of large quantity print, regular glass should be fine and keep in mind that unless you request something different any custom framing shop will use this.

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