What are the worst web designing mistakes to avoid in 2019?


Designing a website is not everyone’s cup of tea, owing to the digitalized world where you need to compete not only with your local peers but also the global ones. Let’s take an example- you have opened a café and want to popularize the business. Now, people won’t even consider your name over Starbucks, unless you have services of a quality which are on par with them. And most importantly, these modules are well known because of the one and only functional platform- their websites.

Unless you put everything correctly on your website, viewers are going to negate your services and choose someone else over you. So, standing in 2019, the main concern of various companies providing web design services in Delhi is to know the common designing mistakes and avoid them at the most.

Here are some of the worst web-designing mistakes that you need to avoid incorporating in your website at any cost.

Not making the website responsive

In 2019, most of the websites are responsive, meaning that they can fit in any screen size, in any device, and in any browser. So, if you are not making your website device and browser responsive, you will be losing more than half the incoming traffic.

Loading time of the website is more

The general loading time for a good website is one to three seconds. Any more loading time, your incoming traffic will bounce to other websites. So, avoid slower loading time of the pages.

Not making your message clear to the viewers

Your website is not just a platform but a virtual spokesperson who will speak your message clearly to the audience. Failure to do the same will lead to the loss of traffic as viewers won’t be getting a clear message about your services.

Image and media stuffing

Including images and different forms of media is one of the strategies to improve your website ranking and make it subtler. But, sometimes the inclusion of more media in a single page makes it less attractive.

Not making the website user-friendly

For user-friendliness, your website must have clear navigation, proper contact information, minimalistic content information, and so on. If your website is lacking in any of these, it will cost you a huge amount of traffic and ROI.

Making the websites either dull or color blind
Most of the companies engaged in providing website design services in Noida make sure to use a combinational color palette. But if your website looks dull or if the color palette is too bright to make a person color blind, your website ranking will definitely go down.

Making the font too small or too large

Readability is an important factor in judging the website’s fate and that’s the reason you need to make sure that viewers can read the text in the custom size of the page.

No integration of social media links

Suppose you have already incorporated SMO in your online business. But, if you are not incorporating the links to your social media page or the icons, the audience won’t visit those pages, thereby deeming your website as incomplete.

No security from HTTP

No matter whether you are new to the business or not, you need to ensure that your website is protected with a secure HTTP URL. This will ensure that audience that their information is protected within your website.

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